About our Companies

New System Ltd & New Century Development Company

The Builder

Recognized as one of the leading construction companies in the region, New System Ltd. specializes in the construction of both residential villas and Luxury resorts. Established in Antigua over 25 years ago, New System Ltd. has delivered over the years high-end villas and resorts in Jolly Harbour, K-Club in Barbuda, Jumby Bay, English Harbour and Galley Bay Heights, just to mention a few. Creating an exclusive portfolio of prestigious properties. Years of experience in building in inaccessible locations, have made team New System Ltd. experts at creating top quality turnkey properties. The principal director of New System is involved with each phase of the development from sod turning to presenting the new owners with their keys.

Owner and developer

New Century Development Co. is an Antiguan based company established in Antigua since 1975. The company are the owners and developers of the Windward Estate Project.


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A Showcase of a completed villas in Antigua & Barbuda

  • Galley Bay Heights, Antigua
  • Jumby Bay, Antigua
  • Jolly Harbour, Antigua
  • English Harbour, Antigua
  • K-Club, Barbuda
Galley Bay
Galley Bay - Sugar Mill
Galley Bay
Galley Bay
Villa Kathleen
Jumby Bay - On the Beach
Jumby Bay
Villa On the Beach
Villa Red Sun
Galley Bay
Galley Bay
Galley Bay