Boutique Hotel


Panoramic ocean scenes and direct access to glorious Pigeon Beach are just a fraction of what this stylish boutique hotel will have to offer. It is currently being developed from a charming historic house and adjacent cottages which served as the inspiration behind the Windward Bay Estate project.
The 12-room complex boasting superlative services and a private swimming pool is flanked by Pigeon Beach to the west and Windward Bay to the east. There are striking ocean views from the open terrace, sundeck, pool and shaded communal lounge with low comfortable sofas. A large gazebo-covered dining area is located to one side with breakfast served daily, and there is an additional sitting room inside. The spacious bedrooms blend rustic colonial themes with contemporary tones and island chic.
Bookings can be made per room or for the entire hotel which is suited to everything from a family celebration to an intimate wedding.
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